The Chi-lites Live in HD

The Chi-lites are one of America’s favorite soul groups. Eugene Record wrote most of the group’s hit songs. The Chi-Lites have placed many songs on the Billboard Pop & R&B Charts. Songs performed in this concert include , Oh Girl & Have You Seen Her and many more. All three Original Chi-lites perform, Oh Girl in a rare appearance with original lead singer Eugene Record. The Chi-lites band keeps a tremendous pace as the group dances and sings fabulous old school harmonies. Robert Squirrel Lester is certainly a fan favorite among Chi-Lites lovers. The Godfather, Marshall Thompson is the group’s leader. The Chi-lites are still going strong today. Many extra features are included in this 2 hour video. Are You My Woman ( Tell Me So ), ( For God Sake ) Give More Power To The People, A Lonely Man, The Coldest Days Of My Life, Stoned Out Of My Mind, You Don’t Know My Name, A Letter To Myself, Oh Girl, Have You Seen Her and many more. Plus Bonus Concert & Interviews.